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Results 1-20 of 30.
Insights into indigenous coping strategies to drought for adaptation in Agriculture: A Karoo scenario
Authors: Ncube B; Lagardien A; 2015/04/01; Research Report No.2084/1/15
Introduction to operation and maintenance of water distribution systems
Authors: Van Zyl JE; 2014/11/24; Research Report No.TT 600/14
Guidelines for reducing water losses in South African municipalities
Authors: McKenzie RS; 2014/04/29; Research Report No.TT 595/14
Behavioural nudges as a water savings strategy
Authors: Smith G; Visser M; 2014/02/05; Research Report No.2091/1/13
Social water scarcity and water use
Authors: Tapela BN; 2012/02/01; Research Report No.1940/1/12
Water quality overview and literature review of the ecology of the Olifants river
Authors: Heath R; Engelbrecht J; Coleman J; 2010/07/25; Research Report No.TT 452-10
The state of plumbing in South Africa
Authors: Van Zyl JE; Lobanga KP; Masikini F; Ilemobade AA; 2008/12/01; Research Report No.1702/1/08
The status and use of drinking water conservation and savings devices in the domestic and commercial environments in South - Africa
Authors: Still D; Erskine S U; Walker N; Hazelton D; 2008/09/22; Research Report No.TT 358/08
Asset management for the water services sector in South Africa
Authors: Stephenson D; Barta B; Manson N; 2007/11/28; Research Report No.897/1/01
Water consumption levels in selected South African cities
Authors: Van Zyl HJ; Van Zyl JE; Geustyn L; Ilemobade A; Buckle JS; 2007/11/01; Research Report No.1536/1/07
Benchmarking of leakage from water reticulation systems in South Africa
Authors: McKenzie R; Seago C; 2007/03/01; Research Report No.TT 244/05
Development of a National Water Consumption Archive
Authors: Van Zyl JE; Geusteyn L; 2007/01/01; Research Report No.1605/1/07
An assessment of non-revenue water in South Africa
Authors: Seago CJ; McKenzie CB; 2007/01/01; Research Report No.TT 300/07
Aqualite water balance software user guide
Authors: McKenzie R; 2006/08/01; Research Report No.TT 315/07
The development of a successful unaccounted-for water management programme in the rural water supply context
Authors: Ross-Jordan J; 2006/03/01; Research Report No.TT 256/06
Economic model for leakage management for water suppliers in South Africa
2003/12/12; Research Report No.TT 169/02
An assessment of the trickle feed system as a tool for implementing the Free Basic Water policy
Authors: Lenehan AM; Albetis L; 2003/07/01; Research Report No.TT210/03
Leakage reduction through pressure management in South Africa - Concepts and case studies
Authors: Wegelin W; McKenzie RS; 2002/08/01; Research Report No.TT186/02
Development of a framework for the economic evaluation of water conservation/water demand management measures with specific application to decision-making in Cape Town
Authors: Van Zyl H; Leiman A; 2002/01/10; Research Report No.1275/1/02
The development of a methodology to determine the effectiveness of water conservation (WC) and water demand management (WDM) measures
Authors: Johnson EH; Stephens A; Fakir S; 2002/01/08; Research Report No.1273/1/02
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