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Results 81-100 of 313.
A high level scoping investigation into the potential of energy saving and production/generation in the supply
Authors: Van Vuuren SJ; 2010/04/01; Research Report No.KV 238/10
Investigation of photocatalysis as an alternative to other advanced oxidation processes for the treatment of filter backwash water
Authors: Chirwa MNE; Bamuza-Pemu EE; 2010/03/12; Research Report No.1717/1/10
A guideline for integrating community-based procurement in the operation & maintenance of basic services
Authors: Lagardien A; Muanda C; Cousins D; Zindoga C; 2010/03/01; Research Report No.TT 423-09
Domestic water quality research impact assessment
2010/03/01; Research Report No.TT416/09
DDT for Malaria control: effects in indicators and health risk
Authors: Bornman MS; Barnhoorn EJ; Genthe B; Van Vuren JHJ; Pieterse GM; Aneck-Hahn NH; Van Dyk JC; de Jager PC; Brink KA; Marchand MJ; Patrick SM; Van Zijl MC; 2010/02/25; Research Report No.1674/1/09
The feasibility of a health risk assessment framework to derive guidelines for oestrogen activity in treated drinking water
Authors: Genthe B; Steyn M; Aneck-Hahn NH; Van Zijl C; de Jager C; 2010/02/04; Research Report No.1749/1/09
Development of a small-scale electro-chlorination system for rural water supplies
Authors: Key DL; Key JDV ; Okolongo G; Siguba M; 2010/01/28; Research Report No.1442/1/09
Review of regulatory aspects of the water services sector
Authors: Malzbender D; Earle A; Deedat H; Mokorosi P ; 2009/11/27; Research Report No.TT417/09
The impact of gender in the rural water services environment of South Africa
Authors: Rust U ; Hanise B; 2009/10/26; Research Report No.TT 407/09
The defouling of membranes using polymer beads containing magnetic micro particles
Authors: McLachlan D; Bester F; du Toit X; Basson N; Hamman A; Cloete L; 2009/10/22; Research Report No.1592-01-09
Effective groundwater management in Namaqualand: sustaining supplies
Authors: Pietersen K; Titus R; Cobbing J; 2009/09/30; Research Report No.TT 418/09
Towards the regulation of the competences of SA's water services managers
Authors: Muller M; 2009/09/14; Research Report No.TT 401/09
A planning framework to position rural water treatment in SA for the future
Authors: Swartz CD; 2009/09/01; Research Report No.TT419/09
The development of a generic water safety plan for small community water supply
Authors: Thompson P; Majam S; 2009/08/25; Research Report No.TT 415/09
Productive use of domestic piped water for sustaining livelihoods in poor households
Authors: Naidoo N; Maine G; Vrdoljak M; Chidley C; 2009/08/21; Research Report No.TT 412/09
The Development of an Immersed Membrane Microfiltration System for the Treatment of Rural Waters and Industrial Waters
Authors: Pillay VL; 2009/08/09; Research Report No.1598/1/09
Nitrate in groundwater-why is it a hazard and how to control it?
Authors: Tredoux G; Engelbrecht P; Sumaya I; 2009/08/06; Research Report No.TT 410/09
Guidelines for the sustainable operation and maintenance of small water treatment plants
2009/08/01; Research Report No.TT408/09
The development of an activity based costing model to quantify the real costs of delivering water services in rural areas
Authors: Matthews W; de Jager J; Van Harmelen K; Wilson I; Duval R; 2009/07/01; Research Report No.1614/1/09
The testing of a membrane technology unit for the removal of nitrate chloride, flouride, sulphate,calcium and magnesium pollutants from groundwater, and the monitoring of rural consumer knowledge and attitude to water purification
Authors: Hlophe M; Venter MD ; 2009/04/30; Research Report No.1529/1/09
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