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Results 241-260 of 313.
Research on the corrosion performance of various non-metallic piping materials and coating in potable water
Authors: Ramotlhola JS; Ringas C (Dr); Cromarty R; 1999/01/01; Research Report No.381/1/99
A water resources and sanitation systems source book with special reference to Kwazulu-Natal (Part 5)
Authors: Alcock PG; 1999/01/01; Research Report No.384/5/99
Microbial corrosion of pipe linings
Authors: Ramotlhola JS; Ringas C; 1999/01/01; Research Report No.432/2/99
Application of health risk assessment techniques to microbial monitoring data
Authors: Genthe B; Rodda N; 1999/01/01; Research Report No.470/1/99
Cost recovery for water schemes to developing urban communities: a comparison of different approaches in the Umgeni water planning area
Authors: Hazelton D; Kondlo S; 1999/01/01; Research Report No.521/1/98
Strategies for empowerment of women in water supply and sanitation projects
Authors: Duncker L; 1999/01/01; Research Report No.817/1/99
A GIS-based experimental methodology to determine the utilisable potential of South African aquifers
1999/01/01; Research Report No.840/1/99
Case study of management system for rural water supply: Matatiele district (February 1998)
Authors: Cain J; Ravenscroft P; Palmer I; 1999/01/01; Research Report No.895/1/99
Fluorides and nitrates: their occurrence in rural South Africa, current removal technologies and promising new approaches
Authors: Chibi C; Vinnicombe DA; 1999/01/01; Research Report No.KV 120/99
The development of risk analysis and groundwater management techniques for Southern Africa aquifers
Authors: van Tonder GJ; Janse van Rensburg H; Staats S; Cogho VE; Elphinstone CD; Viviers MI; Meyer R; Watson AG; Bredenkamp DB; 1999/01/01; Research Report No.378/1/99
Microbial corrosion of common piping materials in the PWV area
Authors: Bondonno A; Ringas C; Ramotlhola JS; Prinsloo C; 1999/01/01; Research Report No.432/1/99
Algal toxins in drinking water supplies
Authors: Rae B; Clark RC; 1999/01/01; Research Report No.549/1/99
Supply pricing of urban water in South Africa (Volume 1): Summary report
Authors: Eberhard R; 1999/01/01; Research Report No.678/1/99
Supply pricing of urban water in South Africa (Volume 2): Main report
Authors: Eberhard R; 1999/01/01; Research Report No.678/2/99
Pilot study for collection and use of data on rural village water and sanitation in South Africa
Authors: Hazelton DG; Harris J; 1999/01/01; Research Report No.710/1/99
Water supply services model manual
1998/01/07; Research Report No.KV 109/98
A tool for assessing microbial water quality in small community water supplies: an H2S strip test
Authors: Genthe B; Franck M; 1998/01/01; Research Report No.961/1/99
Quality of domestic water supplies Volume 1: Assessment Guide
1998/01/01; Research Report No.TT 101/98
The dynamics of community non-compliance with basic water supply projects
Authors: Dreyer L; 1998/01/01; Research Report No.TT 93/98
Management guidelines for water service institutions (urban)
1998/01/01; Research Report No.TT 98/98
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