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Results 41-60 of 124.
Wetland valuation vol II - wetland valuation case studies
Authors: Turpie J ; Malan A; 2010/03/25; Research Report No.TT441/09
The assessment of temporary wetlands during dry conditions
Authors: Day J; Day E; Ketley A; Malan A; Ross-Gillespie V; 2010/03/25; Research Report No.TT434/09
Aquatic invertebrates as indicators of human impacts in South African wetlands
Authors: Bird M; Malan A; 2010/03/25; Research Report No.TT 435-09
Tools and metrics for assessment of wetland environmental condition and socio-economic importance
Authors: Day E; Malan A; 2010/03/25; Research Report No.TT433/09
A pilot study on the occurance of endocrine disruptive chemicals in a DDT-sprayed area
Authors: Bornman MS; Barnhoorn IEJ; Aneck-Hahn NH; 2009/11/27; Research Report No.KV220/09
A reflective assessment process for promoting multi-agency cooperation:towards achieving cross-sector policy objectives for conserving freshwater ecosystems
Authors: Roux DJ; Murray K; Hill L; Biggs HC; Breen CM; Rogers K; Driver AL; Levendal M; Roux H; 2009/11/06; Research Report No.TT420/09
Integrated ecological-economic modelling as an estuarine management tool a case study of the East Kleinemonde estuary - Volume 2
Authors: Turpie JK; Cowley P; Terörde A; Clark BM; 2009/11/03; Research Report No.1679-02-08
Characterisation of the social and economic value of the use and associated conservation of the yellowfishes in the Vaal river
Authors: Brand M; Maina J; Mander M; O’Brien G; 2009/10/30; Research Report No.KV 226-09
Integrated ecological-economic modelling as an estuarine management tool: a case study of the East Kleinemonde Estuary-volume 1
Authors: Turpie J; Joubert A; Babiker H; Chaudhry J; Child M; Hempson TN; Humphrey H; Joseph G; la Grange R; Lipsey M; Mann G ; Okes N ; Puttick J; Wistebaar T; 2009/10/28; Research Report No.1679/1/08
Environmental water requirements: Research impact assessment
2009/09/01; Research Report No.KV 215/09
Authors: Kotze D; Ellery W; 2009/07/31; Research Report No.TT 343/09
River Ecoclassification manual for ecostatus determination (Version 2) Module G: Index of habitat integrity Section 1: Technical manual
Authors: Kleynhans CJ; Louw MD; Graham M; 2009/04/01; Research Report No.TT377/09
River Ecoclassification manual for ecostatus classification (Version 2) Module G Index of habitat integrity Section 2: Model photo guide
Authors: Graham M; Louw MD; 2009/04/01; Research Report No.TT378/09
The effect of water temperature on aquatic organisms: A review of knowledge and methods for assessing biotic responses to temperature
Authors: Dallas H; 2009/04/01; Research Report No.KV 213/09
WET-RehabEvaluate Guidelines for monitoring and evaluating wetland rehabilitation projects
Authors: Kotze D; Cowden C; 2009/03/25; Research Report No.TT 342/09
The influence of hydraulics, hydrology and temperature on the distribution, habitat use and recruitment of threatened cyprinids in a Western Cape river, South Africa
Authors: Paxton BR; King JM; 2009/01/04; Research Report No.1483/1/09
Assessing the impact of research funded by the WRC in support of the River Health Programme
Authors: Roux DJ; Hill L; Strydom W; 2008/09/01; Research Report No.TT360/08
Technical report on the state of yellowfishes in South Africa 2007
Authors: Impson ND; Bills IR; Wolhuter L; 2008/08/01; Research Report No.KV 212/08
River EcoClassification: Manual for EcoStatus determination (Version 2) Module D: Volume 2 Reference Frequency of Occurrence of Fish Species in South Africa
Authors: Kleynhans CJ; Louw MD; Moolman J; 2008/04/01; Research Report No.TT 331/08
Development and application of prokaryotic biosensor systems for the evaluation of toxicity of environmental water samples
Authors: Pillay B; Pillay D; 2007/12/01; Research Report No.1286/1/07
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