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Results 161-180 of 291.
Estuaries and integrated development planning: A managers' guide
Authors: Hay D; 2007/03/01; Research Report No.TT 294/07
A review of information on temporarily open/closed estuaries in the warm and cool temperate biogeographic regions of South Africa, with particular emphasis on the influence of river flow on these systems
Authors: Whitfield A; Bate G; 2007/02/01; Research Report No.1581/1/07
Freshwater flow dependency in South African marine ecosystems: A proposed assessment framework and initial assessment of SA marine ecosystems
Authors: Van Ballegooyen RC; Taljaard S; Niekerk L; Theron AK; Weerts SP; 2007/01/07; Research Report No.KV 191/07
An illustrated guide to some common diatom species from South Africa
Authors: Taylor JC; Harding WR; Archibald CGM; 2007/01/01; Research Report No.TT282/07
Conservation planning for river and estuarine biodiversity in the Fish-to-Tsitsikamma water management area
Authors: Nel JL; Smith-Adao L; Roux DJ; Adams J; Cambray JA; de Moor FC; Kleynhans CJ; Kotze I; Maree G; Moolman J; Schonegevel LY; Smith RJ; Thirion C; 2006/11/01; Research Report No.TT 280/06
Strategic review of current and emerging governance systems related to water in the environment in South Africa
Authors: Pegram G; Mazibuko G; Hollingworth B; Anderson E; 2006/10/01; Research Report No.1514/1/06
National wetland inventory: Development of a wetland classification system for South Africa
Authors: Ewart-Smith JL; Ollis DJ; Day L; Malan HL; 2006/04/01; Research Report No.KV 174/06
A biophysical framework for the sustainable management of wetlands in the Limpopo province with Nylsvley as a reference model
Authors: Vlok W; Cook CL; Greenfield RG; Hoare D; Victor J; Van Vuren JHJ; 2006/04/01; Research Report No.1258/1/06
The establishment of a methodology for initiating and managing waste minimisation clubs
Authors: Barclay S; 2006/01/12; Research Report No.1171/1/06
Assessment of the geomorphological reference condition: an application for resource directed measures and the river health programme
Authors: du Preez R; Rowntree KM; 2006/01/01; Research Report No.1306/1/06
DRIFT user manual: Biophysical module for predicting overall river condition in small to medium sized rivers with relatively-predictable flow regimes
Authors: Brown CA; Pemberton CW; Greyling A; King JM; 2005/09/01; Research Report No.1404/1/05
Development of criteria for the design of fishways for SA rivers and estuaries
Authors: Heath R; Bok A; Fouche PSO; Mastenbroek WK; Forbes AT; 2005/08/01; Research Report No.1310/1/05
Phytoplankton chlorophyll a concentration and community structure of two temporarily open/closed estuaries
Authors: Gama PT; Adams JB; Schael DM; Skinner T; 2005/06/01; Research Report No.1255/1/05
Managing estuaries in South Africa: A step by step guide
Authors: Hay D; McKenzie CB; 2005/03/01; Research Report No.TT 243/04
Spatsim, an integrated framework for ecological reserve determination and implementation
Authors: Hughes DA; 2005/03/01; Research Report No.TT 245/04
Managing sedimentary processes in SA estuaries: A guide
Authors: Hay D; Huizinga P; Mitchell S; 2005/02/01; Research Report No.TT 241/04
Strategic overview of research needs for wetland health & integrity
Authors: Malan HL; Day L; 2005/01/12; Research Report No.KV 171/05
Assessment of wetland ecological condition and socio-economic importance: An annotated bibliography
Authors: Malan HL; Day L; Marr SM; 2005/01/12; Research Report No.KV 172/05
Survey of certain persistant organic pollutants in major South African waters (POPS)
Authors: Vosloo R; Bouman H; 2005/01/06; Research Report No.1213/1/05
Refinement of geomorphological tools for the sustainable management of the river environment
Authors: Wadeson RA; Rowntree KM; 2005/01/03; Research Report No.1181/1/04
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