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Results 101-120 of 227.
Synthesis Report
Authors: Schreiner B; Chimuti S; Cupido A; Gouws M; 2011/08/01; Research Report No.TT 497/11
Volume III: The use of regulatory impact assessment in the developing approaches and tools for the pro-poor water resources regulation
Authors: Mbanda V; Schreiner B; Chimuti S; 2011/08/01; Research Report No.1842/3/11
Endocrine Disrupting Chemical (EDC) Activity and Health Effects of Identified Veterinary Growth Stimulants in Surface and Ground Water
Authors: de Jager C; Aneck-Hahn NH; Barnhoorn IEJ; Bornman MS; van Vuren JHJ ; Burger AEC; Swemmer A; Van Zijl C; Van Wyk S; Jonker M; 2011/05/01; Research Report No.1686/1/11
An investigation into the water infrastructure development financial allocation pathways in municipalities
Authors: Hollingworth B; Koch P; Chimuti S; Malzbender D; 2011/04/18; Research Report No.TT 476-10
Knowledge Café’s
Authors: Goldin J; 2011/04/01; Research Report No.KV 269/11
Development of a practical methodology for assessing the potential impacts of climate change on the yield characteristics of reservoirs
Authors: Gerber A; De Jager G; Strydom C; 2011/04/01; Research Report No.KV266/10
Remote sensing as a tool for resource assessment towards the determination of the legal compliance of surface and groundwater use
Authors: Gibson LA; Münch Z; Engelbrecht J; Petersen N; Conrad J; 2011/03/02; Research Report No.1690-1-09
Land-water linkages: Agent-based modelling of land use and its impact on water resources
Authors: Woyessa YE; Welderufael WE; Kinyua JDM; Kundhlande G; 2011/03/01; Research Report No.1753/1/10
Investigating the behavioural drivers of stakeholder engagement and volunteerism in the South African water arena
Authors: Blignaut S; Choles A G; 2011/03/01; Research Report No.KV 264/10
Corporate water risk in South Africa
Authors: Pegram G; Eaglin FC; 2011/03/01; Research Report No.KV 265/10
Strategic adaptive management as a framework for implementing integrated water resource management in South Africa
Authors: Rogers KH; Luton R; 2011/03/01; Research Report No.KV 245/10
Development of a system dynamics model for the implementation of IWRM in South Africa
Authors: Wade M; 2011/03/01; Research Report No.1911/1/11
Knowing, Caring, and Acting: Making Use of Socio-Cultural Perspectives to Support Biophysical ‘Conservation’ Initiatives
Authors: Nortje K; Jacobs I; Aucamp M; Funke N; Strydom WF; Clover J; Patrick M; Van Wyk E; de Wet B; Masekoameng E; 2011/02/11; Research Report No.1800/1/12
A theoretical framework for understanding benefit sharing arrangements with particular reference to the water sector
Authors: Nkhata BA; Mosimane AW; Breen CM; Crafford D; Hay D; 2011/02/01; Research Report No.KV 261/10
An institutional framework for stakeholder participation in transboundary basins
Authors: Schreiner B; Mtsweni A; Pegram G; 2011/01/01; Research Report No.1758-1-10
Collation and synthesis of hydraulic information from environmental flow requirement studies
Authors: Birkhead AL; Desai AY; 2011/01/01; Research Report No.KV291/11
An investigation of innovative approaches to brine handling
Authors: van der Merwe IW; Lourens A; Waygood C; 2010/11/09; Research Report No.1669-1-09
Guidelines for the assessment of the compliance of South African potablewater supply with accepted drinking water quality standards and management norms
Authors: Momba MNB; Swartz CD; 2010/11/01; Research Report No.TT 425/10
The karst system of the Cradle of Humankind world heritage site
2010/10/25; Research Report No.KV 2 4 1-1 0
Standards and guidelines for improved efficiency of irrigation water use from dam wall release to root zone application: Main report
Authors: Reinders FB; van der Stoep I; Lecler NL; Greaves KR; Vahrmeijer JT; Benadé N; du Plessis FJ; Van Heerden PS; Steyn JM; Grové B; Jumman A; Ascough G; 2010/10/01; Research Report No.TT 465/10
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