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Towards a Sampling and Monitoring Protocol of Radioactive Elements in Fractured Rock Aquifers for Groundwater Resource Security in Beaufort West
Expanded Title:Water demand in Beaufort West has been expanding. In addition to the 4 municipal wellfields, more wellfields are being developed to augment the current groundwater supply. The report summarises all the activities leading from a survey of the hydrology of the Beaufort West area to the radioactive protocols needed for proper evaluation of the threats posed to the water resources of the town by uraniferous deposits underlaying the area. The occurrence of radioactive elements in the Karoo Supergroup was first detected in the Karoo Group in 1964 during kimberlite exploration. Most of the uraniferous occurrences are located in the fluvial-channel sandstones of the Adelaide Subgroup of the Beaufort Group. No evidence of the uranium contamination was found in Beaufort West during the project. As the duration of the project is relative limited, no sufficient database is available to categorically state that groundwater in Beaufort West will not be contaminated by the uranium in future. The proposed monitoring for the Beaufort West should be implemented with data to be captured into relevant DWA database for evaluation and protection for groundwater security. The proposed sampling and monitoring of the uranium in groundwater should be further tested through more case studies. The monitoring activity in Beaufort West be incorporated into a Water Safety Plan (WSP). The project also gives an indication for the approach to set up a groundwater protection zone strategy for the water supply points.
Date Published:01/06/2012
Document Type:Research Report
Document Keywords:Ground Water, Water Quality
Document Format:Report
Document File Type:pdf
Research Report Type:Standard
WRC Report No:1694/1/12
ISBN No:978-1-4312-0282-9
Authors:Xu Y; Mahed G; van Wyk Y; Lin L; Sun X; Xiao L; Talma S
Project No:K5/1694
Organizations:Department of Earth Sciences University of the Western Cape; Water Division of the Council of Geoscience
Document Size:4 033 KB
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