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Interactive Risk Reduction Approach:An approach to reducing risks from informal settlement waste streams: community-based risk assessment with municipal partnerships
Expanded Title:Informal settlements continue to be a feature of South African urbanization. Municipalities of cities and towns continue to be confronted by mounting backlog realities while national and provincial human settlement strategies seek alternative approaches. A major challenge in this context is that inadequate waste management within informal settlements produces downstream flows of human waste that either bypass overburdened infrastructure networks or contribute to their dysfunction. As a result, increasing pollution of deteriorating river systems poses a public health threat that goes beyond individual rights to basic services to the collective interests of broader society. An interactive approach to risk reduction was developed and then field-tested in different case study settings. Based on field research in two differing municipal regions with 8 informal settlement case studies, the tools were refined. Diverse settings and conditions that are replicated across all eight case studies are covered in these selected case study processes. The approach responds to growing concern about human waste streams flowing beyond the boundaries of informal settlements into environmental, urban, and public landscapes that are shared by broader society. In particular where services delivery to unplanned settlements faces overwhelming constraints and challenges reducing the risk of deteriorating water quality that is directly linked to poor waste management within informal settlements, may find cost-effective utility in applying this Approach to Interactive Risk Reduction.
Date Published:01/02/2012
Document Type:Research Report
Document Subjects:Sanitation - Hygiene
Document Keywords:Water Quality
Document Format:Report
Document File Type:pdf
Research Report Type:Standard
WRC Report No:1901/1/11
ISBN No:978-1-4312-0221-8
Authors:Lagardien A; Cousins D; Benjamin A
Project No:K5/1901
Organizations:Community water supply and sanitation unit Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Document Size:13 835 KB
Attachments:Contents for 1901.pdf
Executive Summary for 1901.pdf
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