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“Going with the franchising flow”: An exploration of partnerships for the operation and maintenance of water services infrastructure
Expanded Title:The rapid rate of construction and commissioning of new water services infrastructure is severely challenging the public sector institutions in South Africa responsible for operating and managing this infrastructure. Innovative approaches are required. But even if all the existing water services institutions were coping with the responsibility, there would be good reason to investigate alternative institutional models, on the grounds that it needs to be found out if alternatives could be more cost-effective, and/or could offer a range of other advantages (including greater local economic development). There is an alternative institutional model that is suited more for the ongoing operation and maintenance of water services systems than for investment in new infrastructure – and, importantly, that is friendly to small business and local economic development. This alternative is the franchising partnership. Franchising is a way of accelerating the development of a business, based on tried and tested methodology. The franchise system firstly correlates and systematises the business, and then facilitates the setting up of the business and supports and disciplines it thereafter. The key is the incentive, to franchisor and franchisee alike, to improve efficiency, and to provide improved service reliability and quality control.
Date Published:01/03/2010
Document Type:Research Report
Document Subjects:R & D - Methodology
Document Keywords:Guidelines, Benchmarking, Operation and Maintenance, Financial Models
Document Format:Report
Document File Type:pdf
Research Report Type:Technical
WRC Report No:TT 432/09
ISBN No:9781770059627
ISBN Set No:9781770059610
Authors:Wall K; Ive O
Project Leader:Wall K
Project No:K5/1610
Organizations:Amanz’ abantu Services (Pty) Ltd
Document Size:1 026 KB
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