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Expanded Title:Three main branches of research into wetlands were identified during a workshop held in early 2002, wetland rehabilitation, wetland health and integrity and wise use of wetlands. The wetland rehabilitation was prioritised for two reasons. Firstly, it is estimated that South Africa has lost approximately 50% of its wetlands, and wetlands are increasingly being recognised as providing valuable services. And secondly, there has been substantial government expenditure on wetland rehabilitation through the Working for Wetlands project, which is linked to the Expanded Public Works Programme. This project was co-funded by Working for Wetlands to 50% of the budget. The main objectives were: The project leader must help to make this objectives meaningful. • Prioritisation of wetland areas for conservation and rehabilitation • System rehabilitation • Methodologies for rehabilitation (what about them???) Improve or develop??? • Synergy with other programmes (establish ??) • Institutional arrangements (establish or strengthen??) • Performance auditing These have been addressed in a series of 10 reports, and the titles and a brief overview of the contents of each are given below: 1.TT 321/07 WET-RoadMap: A Guide to the Wetland Management Series 2. TT 334/09 WET-Origins: Controls on the Distribution and Dynamics of Wetlands in South Africa 3. TT 335/09 WET-Management Review: The Impact of Natural Resource Management Programmes on Wetlands in South Africa 4. TT 336/09 WET-RehabPlan: Guidelines for planning Wetland Rehabilitation in South Africa 5. TT 337/09 WET-Prioritise: Guidelines for prioritizing Wetlands at National, Regional and Local Scales 6. TT 338/09 WET-Legal: Wetland Rehabilitation and the Law in South Africa 7. TT 339/09 WET-EcoServices: A Technique for Rapidly Assessing Ecosystem Services Supplied by Wetlands 8. TT 340/09 WET-Health: A Technique for Rapidly Assessing WET-Health 9. TT 341/09 WET-RehabMethods: National Guidelines and Methods for Wetland Rehabilitation 10. TT 342/09 WET-RehabEvaluate: A Manual for the Performance Evaluation of Wetland Rehabilitation Projects This series of documents provides all the information that is needed for the rehabilitation of wetlands, consultants or for private land owners who wish to monitor the state of , and / or rehabilitate, wetlands on their property, or for use by programmes such as Working for Wetlands.
Date Published:01/03/2009
Document Type:Research Report
Document Subjects:Ecosystem - Biodiversity protection, Ecosystem - Invertebrates
Document Keywords:Guidelines, Environment
Document Format:Report
Document File Type:pdf
Research Report Type:Technical
WRC Report No:TT 339/09
ISBN No:9781770056381
ISBN Set No:9781770056312
Authors:Kotze D; Marneweck G; Batchelor A; Lindley D; Collins N
Project Leader:Donovan K
Project No:K5/1408
Document Size:33 529 KB
Attachments:Summary of TT 339-09.pdf
Related Documents:WET-Legal
WET-RehabEvaluate Guidelines for monitoring and evaluating wetland rehabilitation projects
WET-RehabMethods national guidelines and methods for wetland rehabilitation
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