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Strategic guidance towards prioritising storm water management research in human settlements
Expanded Title:KSA 3 “needs analysis” identified the need to determine and prioritise stormwater research needs, particularly in the field of stormwater control and management. The objectives of this study (K5/1670) were to build on the outcomes of project K8/606 and further identify, characterize and prioritize stormwater management issues requiring attention in South Africa within the context of human settlements. The work program included: (1) a literature review to establish and prioritise research needs in stormwater management; (2) establishment of the stormwater management status quo in local government areas; (3) conducting a stakeholder consultation process to confirm and prioritizes the issues/needs in South Africa and; (4) development of strategic guidance for further research needs. Local government was consulted at seven workshops held around South Africa. Findings indicated that although delegates at the workshops had a good grasp of the issues and a clear understanding of what needs to be addressed to improve stormwater management, resources and support from the political level were identified as limiting factors in terms of future improvements in the current status quo and a move towards more sustainable approaches (WSUD) on a national scale. Of the seventeen top priority needs that have been identified, ten are research needs falling within the ambit of the WRC and seven are sector needs falling under, among others, DWAF, SALGA, IMIESA or WIN-SA. Of the ten research needs, five are considered to be implementation research and five are considered to be fundamental research. The study concluded that the research project that focuses on alternative stormwater technology will be the first of these projects to be funded and will be initiated in 2008. The other projects will not run concurrently as the reference group felt that the outcomes of the alternative stormwater technology project could influence these projects leading to changes in the proposed focus areas and deliverables.
Date Published:01/10/2010
Document Type:Research Report
Document Subjects:Wastewater Management - Domestic, Wastewater Management - Industrial, Wastewater Management - Sludge management, Wastewater Management - Sewers
Document Keywords:Policy and regulation, Guidelines, Environment, Municipality, Surface Water, Water Quality, Pollution control
Document Format:Report
Document File Type:pdf
Research Report Type:Standard
WRC Report No:1670-1-10
ISBN No:9781770058064
Authors:Burke J; Mayer X
Project Leader:Burke J
Project No:K5/1670
Organizations:SRK Consulting
Document Size:2 515 KB
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