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Framework and manual for the evaluation of aquatic ecosystems services for the resource directed measures
Expanded Title:The National Water Resource Strategy aims to strike a balance between the use of resources for livelihoods and conservation of the resource. This process invariably requires negotiation of trade-offs. These trade-offs are principally between the resource quality on the one hand and the beneficial use of water on the other. The framework developed through this project to achieve this is explicitly congruent with methods used by DWA in the determination of Resource Directed Measures and Source Directed Controls. Definition of the benefits yielded by an ecosystem have been based on the Millennium Ecosystems Assessment framework and comparative risk assessment methodology is used to develop the causal chains linking ecological production to the defined ecosystem services. Two case studies have been developed to illustrate the framework. This Framework and Manual explores how these scenarios and their associated trade-offs should be evaluated.
Date Published:01/07/2010
Document Type:Research Report
Document Subjects:Ecosystem - Biodiversity protection, Ecosystem - Invertebrates, Ecosystem - Resource Economics, Drinking water - Water supply
Document Keywords:Policy and regulation, Guidelines, Environment, Health, Water Quality
Document Format:Report
Document File Type:pdf
Research Report Type:Technical
WRC Report No:TT 462/10
ISBN No:978-1-77005-997-9
Authors:Ginsburg AE; Crafford JG; Harris KR
Project Leader:Ginsburg AE
Project No:K5/1644
Organizations:Prime Africa Consultants
Document Size:3 317 KB
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