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Determining water use of indigenous grain and legume food crops
Expanded Title:Interest and research on indigenous food crops has been steadily increasing in South Africa and elsewhere. This has been driven by realisations of increasing water scarcity, growing populations and increasing food and nutrition insecurity among the rural poor. Climate variability and change, which has a multiplier effect on several of these drivers, has added to the growing interest in indigenous food crops. Most of the current major food crops may not be able to meet projected future food demand under predicted climate change. Thus, there is a need to come up with innovative strategies that will broaden the current food basket and possibly contribute to future food security in South Africa. It is in this regard that indigenous food crops are being proposed as reasonable alternatives under water limited conditions. Owing to the fact that cereal and legume crops play an important role in the dietary provisions of South Africans, the Water Research Commission of South Africa commissioned the current project with the aim to quantify and predict water use of selected indigenous legume and grain crops for sustainable rainfed food production in South Africa. The specific objectives were to (i) review available literature to select and motivate indigenous legume and grain food crops for the study; (ii) measure the range of water use of selected crops as sole crops and intercropping under known environmental conditions; (iii) model water use and agronomic management of selected crops as sole crops and intercropping for extrapolation to fit a range of agro-ecological zones suitable for rain-fed farming; and (iv) formulate recommendations for best management practices on water use of indigenous grain and legume food crops.
Date Published:01/04/2017
Document Type:Research Report
Document Subjects:Agricultural Water - Small holder irrigation
Document Format:Report
Document File Type:pdf
Research Report Type:Technical
WRC Report No:TT 710/17
ISBN No:978-1-4312-0887-6
Authors:Modi AT; Mabhaudhi T
Project Leader:K5/2274
Document Size:4 499 KB
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