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Water use and food security: Knowledge dissemination and use in Agricultural colleges and local learning networks for homestead food gardening and smallholder farming
Expanded Title:The report provides insight into the actual knowledge mediation and dissemination processes that were pilot tested during the project. Key amongst these was the establishment of a learning network structure that was inclusive of all stakeholders in the agricultural learning system. Within this, a Training o Trainers (ToT) programme was established to mediate the WRC knowledge and to support the stakeholders in the agricultural learning system to take up and use the WRC knowledge. In the Agricultural Colleges, lecturers were supported to develop curriculum innovation programmes which included shared demonstration site development. Other stakeholders (extension officers, LED officers, researchers, farmers and farmers association members) were also included in the training of trainers where they too were supported to develop learning support innovation projects and to participate in the shared demonstration site development process. This brought the value of working in learning networks to the fore, as different stakeholders were able to mobilise their prior knowledge, experience and expertise in a local context, where the end result was contributions to improved farming practice amongst farmers, knowledge exchange between farmers, improved curriculum options for college students and better support to smallholder farmers to use RWH&C knowledge in local context. However, it was only possible to implement one such learning network in some depth over a period of 18 months, but shorter ToT programmes were run, and other learning networks were emerging at the time of the projects’ end. A key extension to the above, was development of a media component for facilitating the expansion of access to, and use of the WRC materials. This involved development of a project branding, which re-named the initiative ‘Amanzi for Food’ allowing quick access and association with the key message of the project, an associated and dedicated website (www.amanziforfood.co.za) which allowed multi-levelled access to the materials via various access tools. This included a ‘navigation tool’ which served to be critical to the whole knowledge access and dissemination process, links to other social media, including a Facebook page, blogs and news items and links to other websites where the WRC knowledge is being shared. Posters and youtube videos were also developed and pilot tested to assist with visualisation of the RWH&C practices. Additionally, a community radio programme was established with a radio handbook produced out of the experience of designing and hosting the radio programmes. A significant finding of the medio component is that the various forms of media operate in relationship, requiring an integrated approach to medio development for enhancing knowledge dissemination.
Date Published:01/11/2016
Document Type:Research Report
Document Subjects:Agricultural Water - Small holder irrigation
Document Keywords:Society
Document Format:Report
Document File Type:pdf
Research Report Type:Standard
WRC Report No:2277/1/16
ISBN No:978-1-4312-0852-4
Authors:Lotz-sisitka H; Pesanayi T; Weaver K; Lupele C; Sisitka L; O’Donoghue R; Sithole P; van Standen W; Mabeza C; Denison J; Phillips K
Project No:K5/2277
Organizations:Rhodes University; Umhlaba Consulting Group (Pty) Ltd; Independent consultant
Document Size:35 900 KB
Attachments:Appendix A_ Navigation Tool.pdf
Appendix B_ Posters.pdf
Appendix C_ YouTube Videos.pdf
Appendix D_ Radio Handbook and Scripts.pdf
Appendix E_ Website and Branding Materials docx.pdf
Appendix F K5_2277 - Postgraduate capacity building and thesis titles and abstracts .pdf
Appendix G Publications and Knoweldge Dissemination.pdf
Appendix H- K5_2277 Archiving of Data.pdf
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