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Upgrading existing South African filtration plants to high rate filters
Expanded Title:The capital cost of water treatment plants has doubled in recent years and these costs could increase even further over the next few years due to the escalation in the price of steel and civil construction costs. It is thus imperative that researchers and practitioners explore the options of minimising the capital costs of treatment plants without compromising public health.Filtration is one of the most critical unit processes in the treatment process for the removal of suspended matter and micro-organisms as it is the last physical barrier. Failure filtration can result in major failure of the treatment process leading to the production of poor water quality. The design or upgrade of the filtration unit process should be kept simple to minimise capital costs. At the same time the efficiency of the filtration process should be optimised to reduce operating and maintenance costs. There is a drive to increase the filtration rate of the filters to achieve higher filter loading rates in order to delay capital expenditure. The possibility of upgrading filters to higher filtration rates should be explored before adding filters to a process. Pilot plant studies to establish the design limits of filters should be undertaken before implementing the upgrade to a high rate filtration plant. This report provides the practising engineer with an excellent guide for the design and operation of pilot plants to establish the design parameters for the full scale upgrade of a water works. It also provides a comprehensive literature review of the application of high rate filtration in the international arena. A survey of the South Africa filtration industry indicates that there is limited application of the technology which is contributing to the high unit capital costs of water treatment plants. Recommendations for the full scale design and operation are also included in the research report.
Date Published:28/07/2016
Document Type:Research Report
Document Subjects:Drinking water - Water treatment, Drinking water - Water supply
Document Keywords:Water Quality
Document Format:Report
Document File Type:pdf
Research Report Type:Standard
WRC Report No:1395/1/09
ISBN No:978-1-77005-872-9
Authors:Thompson PA; Brouckaert B; Ngcekwa M; Rajagopaul R; Budhram S; Mhlongo M
Project No:K5/1395
Organizations:Umgeni Water
Document Size:1 419 KB
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