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Towards building resilient landscapes by understanding and linking social networks and social capital to ecological infrastructure
Expanded Title:Using a systems based approach, a number of key risks were identified in Eden (drought, fire, flood, storm waves), and in the Wilderness catchment (water quality and quantity, invasive alien species, and sediment erosion). The concept of risk was found to play a facilitating role enabling the boundary work required to co-produce knowledge for enhancing ecosystem management activities in Eden. The incorporation of environmental information into decision making processes can be enhanced though engaging with issues related to ecosystem based risk reduction activities for disaster management. Through a post-hoc thematic analysis of work carried out in Eden, the multidimensional nature of ‘risk’ provided a common starting point for all stakeholders to engage in dialogue around ecosystem management issues in Eden, thus acting as a boundary concept. Poor communication and inappropriate language has the potential to disrupt knowledge production and exchange and if not addressed in the early phases of engagement can lead to narrow entrenched disciplinary thinking. ARCGIS was the model used in facilitating and demonstrating the role of ecological infrastructure in mitigation of risks. The entire process led to the generation of two frameworks or approaches for assessing risk and social governance
Date Published:01/11/2015
Document Type:Research Report
Document Subjects:Ecosystem - Biodiversity protection, Ecosystem - Climate Change
Document Format:Report
Document File Type:pdf
Research Report Type:Standard
WRC Report No:2267/1/15
ISBN Set No:978-1-4312-0721-3
Authors:O’Farrell P; Roux D; Fabricius C; Le Maitre D; Sitas N; Reyers B; Nell P; McCulloch S; Smith-Adao L; Roos A; Petersen C; Buckle T; Kotze I; Crisp A; Cundill G; Schachtschneider K
Project No:K5/2267o
Document Size:3 576 KB
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