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Volume 2: Development of a “Green Droplet” Accreditation System
Expanded Title:Small wastewater treatment (inclusive of package plants) are a common form of service utility in sewage treatment for smaller communities and are needed where sewerage reticulation is absent due inadequate space, difficult terrain, remoteness of areas in need and where standards set are higher than the effluent quality obtained from simple septic tank systems. The SWWTW industry in South Africa has grown rapidly from a small base and is currently unregulated in terms of process design, construction materials etc. Most of the suppliers are not process experts but rather entrepreneurs who have funded the development of their product using limited resources. In this industry, traditionally maintenance contracts were not required by purchasers. Furthermore, some property developers provided the SWWTW suppliers with incorrect flow and strength data on which to base the design, or added extra housing units onto an existing plant without expanding it and Body Corporates also tended to neglect the operation and maintenance of the plants. This report provides an introduction to the frameworks of standards which could be adapted for use in South Africa, and discusses their strengths and weaknesses, together with the feasibility of scaling them up for use on larger Works. It draws from current industry know-how as well as Australian, European and the United States NSF standards used internationally. It examines the current South African legislative standards for discharge of treated effluent to the environment, together with the corresponding monitoring requirements. It continues to further examine the current General Authorisation Discharge Requirements, and makes strong recommendations with respect to: •The quality of water to be used for lawn irrigation •The issue of satisfactory compliance which needs to properly defined, including the method of calculation and the percentage compliance. A categorization framework for SWWTW sizes was discussed and a three tier system recommended after consultation with the industry body SEWPACKSA and the WISA SWWTW Division. Furthermore. a proposed SWWTW Treatment Efficiency Testing Standard was formulated inclusive of proposed process design standards. The report did a brief evaluation of the concept of a SWWTW evaluation facility making recommendations with respect to the requirements, funding of the facility and its operation. Volume 2 of this report examines the development of the Green Droplet System for Small Wastewater Treatment Works (SWWTW). The Green Droplet System for SWWTW was born out of a number of stakeholders needs such as: General Public- Desire for clean, unpolluted, aquatic environment Regulators- Desire for a self-regulated system in place of a command and control system SWWTW Owners- Desire for compliance with legislative requirements SWWTW Suppliers- Desire for compliance with legislative requirements for SWWTW supplied and protection of reputation. The behavioural change espoused in this concept of self-regulation is that the various stakeholders (owner, designer, supplier, operator, regulator) would see fit to take the right actions proactively to minimize risk to environment, health and reputation. Thus, the system proposed is a simplified and graded system applicable to different Categories of SWWFW.
Date Published:01/01/2015
Document Type:Research Report
Document Subjects:Wastewater Management - Domestic, Wastewater Management - Sewers
Document Keywords:Hydropower, Policy and regulation
Document Format:Report
Document File Type:pdf
Research Report Type:Technical
WRC Report No:TT 621/14
ISBN No:978-1-4312-0621-6
Authors:Gaydon PN
Project No:K5/2193
Organizations:Water Sector Royal HaskoningDHV, South Africa
Document Size:800 KB
Related Documents:Volume I: Self-Regulation of the SWWTW Industry
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