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Scoping study on the development and sustainable utilisation of inland fisheries in South Africa (Volume 2)
Expanded Title:South Africa’s inland fishery resource endowment has been overlooked as a means of supporting sustainable livelihoods in the democratic era, lacking a guiding policy and legislation aligned with the country’s rights- based Constitution. The absence of an equitable inland fishing governance framework with defined use rights has resulted in growing unmanaged and unsustainable fishing practices, conflicts between resource users, and the perpetuation of Colonial- and Apartheid-era exclusion of rural communities from livelihood and economic opportunities linked to aquatic natural resources. In response to this problem, the Water Research Commission launched a solicited research project entitled “Baseline And Scoping Study On The Development And Sustainable Utilisation Of Storage Dams For Inland Fisheries And Their Contribution To Rural Livelihoods” to provide a knowledge base to inform the development of policy and institutional arrangements for inland fishery governance. The research approach consisted of a combination of literature reviews, community based surveys, fishery productivity modelling and stakeholder consultations. The available literature on South African inland fisheries was reviewed, access rights arrangements and legislation analysed with recommendations for reform, and the production potential of South African impoundments estimated using morpho-edaphic models. A research survey was conducted among selected fishing communities to evaluate the role of indigenous and local knowledge in inland fishery utilisation, and to characterise the role of inland fisheries in rural livelihoods. A series of consultations and workshops was conducted with rural fishing communities, mandated government department representatives, and recreational angling bodies. The results of the reviews and surveys were discussed with government departments to determine options for institutional and organisational arrangements. The organised recreational angling sector was presented with the project findings, and their views on inland fishery governance solicited. The institutional and organisational requirements for inland fisheries governance were then analysed based on the project research results, South African development and environmental policies, and internationally accepted fishery “good governance” norms. Recommendations for institutional and organisational arrangements were presented to the relevant government departments and feedback incorporated into the research reports.
Date Published:01/01/2015
Document Type:Research Report
Document Subjects:Agricultural Water - Aquaculture, Ecosystem - Invertebrates
Document Keywords:Guidelines
Document Format:Report
Document File Type:pdf
Research Report Type:Technical
WRC Report No:TT 615-2-14
ISBN No:978-1-4312-0618-6
Authors:Tapela BN; Britz PJ; Rouhani QA
Project No:K5/1957/4
Document Size:4 655 KB
Related Documents:Scoping Study on the Development and Sustainable Utilisation of Inland Fisheries in South Africa Volume 1
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