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The development of a framework for understanding human rights-based approaches and integrating them into water resources management in South Africa
Expanded Title:A key concept evident in the South African Constitution is that National Government is committed to providing adequate food and water ‘… to meet basic human needs’. Arguably the most crucial resource, in terms of human need, is water. This commitment in providing water for basic human needs is captured by the National Water Act (1998) in the concept of the ‘Basic Human Needs Reserve’ (BHNR). This concept is an expression in real terms of the constitutional intention to provide water to meet basic human needs (currently taken to be 25 ℓ /person•day) before water can be allocated for use by the various sectors. The notion of the BHNR essentially elevates the status of water for basic human needs to that of a human right. Although an orientation that accepts access to water as a human right is enshrined in South African law, it represents a very new concept in water management in South Africa (and the world). One of the major obstacles hampering implementation is a lack of familiarity and understanding of the notion of the BHNR by the very people tasked with the responsibility for ensuring that it is honoured, i.e. local government. An informal, preliminary survey conducted by AWARD indicates that most members of local government have not heard about the BHNR. The objectives are: • An exploration of the concept of ‘water as a human right’ within the context of the South African legal framework • Enhanced understanding, capacity and competence within Local Government to implement the National Water Act and allocate water resources with consideration for the concept of ‘The Reserve’ • To produce and test learning support materials regarding the concept of the Reserve • To research, understand and document the way that access to water resources as a human right can be implemented in South Africa To share fIndings generated by a research orientation with other catchments and local governments in South Africa
Date Published:07/01/2007
Document Type:Research Report
Document Subjects:Water Resource Management/IWRM - Planning and development
Document Keywords:Policy and regulation
Document Format:Report
Document File Type:pdf
Research Report Type:Standard
WRC Report No:1512/1/07
ISBN No:978-1-77005-515-5
ISBN Set No:978-1-77005-514-8
Authors:Pejan R; Norberg A; Du Toit D; Pollard S
Project No:K5/1512
Organizations:Association for Water and Rural Development
Document Size:463 KB
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