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Extended investigations into recovery of water and salts from multi-component hypersaline brines using eutectic freeze crystallization
Expanded Title:Behavioural Economics is increasingly informing policy design around the world. In the utility space behavioural economics is being increasingly used to moderate the water and energy consumption of households. The attraction of these methods is that they are generally very cheap to deploy, require limited infrastructure and offer few, if any, opportunities for corruption. This project assessed whether there was scope to use feedback, informed by several principles derived from the behavioural economics literature, delivered in the post with the water bill to reduce household water consumption within a major South African city (Cape Town). The findings from this study strongly suggest that merely reporting tips about how to save water will not result in a noticeable reduction in household water usage. In contrast; raising the salience of a household's water consumption, either by reporting their consumption in a bar graph or by comparing their consumption to their neighbour via a bar graph was found to result in water consumption that was lower by roughly 1%.
Date Published:09/09/2013
Document Type:Research Report
Document Subjects:Water Resource Management/IWRM - Hydrogeology
Document Keywords:Hydrology
Document Format:Report
Document File Type:pdf
Research Report Type:Standard
WRC Report No:2012/1/13
ISBN No:978-1-4312-0495-5
Authors:Randall D; Lewis A; Rodriguez-Pascual M; Nathoo J; Reddy T; Apsey G; Kapembwa M; Egan T; Chivavava J
Project No:K5/2012
Organizations:Crystallization and Precipitation Unit Department of Chemical Engineering University of Cape Town
Document Size:4 751 KB
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