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Critical assessment of raising the basic level of water services
Expanded Title:The WRC study, the “Critical Assessment of Raising the Basic Level of Water Services” builds on the DWA study and takes the study forward by assessing and quantifying the implications related to raising the basic level of water services on a municipality. A comprehensive financial and technical model was developed to determine the implications of raising the basic level of service for a municipality. The model allows users to input required water services scenarios and the output is given as a cost for each required level of service. In addition to the cost implications for the level of service, the model also raises a number of flags to highlight issues that cannot be captured as a cost. The outputs of the models can be extrapolated to a national level to highlight some potential national level implications and conclusions. The model shows that the progress up the steps of the water ladder is not one of smooth transitions. Indications are that the following per household costs would be applicable: Water Ladder Step Per Household Cost [R] Starting Level of Service Ending Level of Service No service Standpipe & Communal taps, VIP latrines 7 730.68 Standpipe & Communal taps Yard Taps, VIP latrines 3 520.44 Yard Taps House Connections, Waterborne sanitation 15 972.99 South Africa had made the initial decision to make the first step on the ladder in 1994 and the decision to take subsequent steps has not been made. The model concludes that bringing all households to a Yard Tap level of service with a minimum sanitation level of VIP latrines, would have half the cost implications of the 1994 decision.
Date Published:01/05/2013
Document Type:Research Report
Document Subjects:Wastewater Management - Domestic, Sanitation - Waterborne sanitation
Document Keywords:Policy and regulation
Document Format:Report
Document File Type:pdf
Research Report Type:Standard
WRC Report No:1892/1/13
ISBN No:978-1-4312-0428-1
Authors:Chidley C; Taljaard R; Longondjo C
Document Size:1 244 KB
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