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Delineating river network quinary catchments for South Africa and allocating associated daily hydrological information
Expanded Title:Nested hierarchical catchments are employed in a wide range of applications (e.g. water resource management, conservation planning, environmental impact or flow assessments, climate change or hydrological modelling, etc.). However, quaternary catchments are fairly large topographical units within which the physiography is highly heterogeneous. This makes quaternary catchment interpolation to finer resolutions incorrect. Presently, there are efforts for sub-delineation of catchments both locally and internationally but these efforts are piecemeal. Thus the consistent and standardized methods and protocols for sub-delineation are lacking, and conflicting boundary extractions hinder data sharing and comparison of assessment and monitoring information. Therefore, this project was initiated to produce a fifth level quinary catchment GIS layer with linked hydrology for which the pre-cursors were altitudinal and river network quinary catchments. This report discusses the methodology used in creating altitudinal quinaries and the methodology used to assign daily hydrological data. The methodology used to transpose the daily hydrological data to the river network quinaries is given for the following hydrological information: daily rainfall values; daily minimum and maximum temperatures; daily values of solar radiation; daily vapour pressure deficit; reference potential evapotranspiration; hydrological soils attributes and hydrological baseline land cover types.
Date Published:01/03/2013
Document Type:Research Report
Document Subjects:Water Resource Management/IWRM - Catchment Management, Water Resource Management/IWRM - Hydrogeology
Document Format:Report
Document File Type:pdf
Research Report Type:Standard
WRC Report No:2020/1/12
ISBN No:978-1-4312-0387-1
Authors:Maherry AM; Horan MJC; Smith-Adao LB; Van Deventer H; Nel JL; Schulze RE; Kunz RP
Project No:K5/2020
Organizations:Natural Resources and the Environment, CSIR
Document Size:2 371 KB
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