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 Water Resources of South Africa 2005 (WR2005)

The WRC has issued the latest edition of the book entitled Water Resources of South Africa 2005 (WR2005), which will be launched at the SANCIAHS Symposium in Pietermaritzburg on 23 September 2009. The WR2005 has been a five-year project in which the WRC worked with a consortium of seven research teams from different consulting companies.  The teams were allocated project tasks on the basis of their existing work with the Department of Water Affairs and Environment, to ensure that the teams built on their strengths from past water assessment studies. The report was made more valuable by the development of several models to simulate and evaluate various processes and scenarios which are components of the overall output of a national water assessment. The resulting research report consists of an Executive Summary, a Book of Maps and an enclosed DVD which contains all the data, computer programs and project documentation.

The WRC has been instrumental in providing a platform for water practitioners to take part in regular research to develop water resource assessment techniques, collate the data and thereby assess the nation’s available water resources, at varying intervals since the late 1970s. The last water resource assessment research project was carried out in 1990. This study addressed surface water availability assessments and used time-series data which ended in 1989. The WR2005 report provides the latest available water assessment techniques, improved hydrological simulations, and integrated water resource data which include data on groundwater, surface water, wetlands, water quality, soils, land-use, improved catchment delineation, population, return flows and several other variables that have a bearing on the quantification and assessment of the available water resources. 

"The book provides users with access to the best possible tools, data and information on South Africa’s national water resources" says Wandile Nomqhuphu the WRC Research manager responsible for the project . Readers can also benefit from the inclusion of a module on groundwater, improved models on water quality analysis, and a section on Streamflow reduction activities. A Network Builder/Visualiser which is a feature of a model that is used to view and manipulate a catchment of interest for simulated catchments was developed as part of WR2005. A GIS framework was used as a shell for the models and data used in the assessment. Five user manuals for the models were produced and incorporated within the dynamic electronic framework. Meta data for the project data were captured, checked by stakeholders and added to the project models. The models in the WR2005 framework were simulated for each catchment and the outputs captured and processed to generate the water availability in each catchment. The parameters used in the new models, the data, simulation results and the GIS representation of the catchments and simulation results have all been documented for the use of the broader water resource stakeholder community. The WRC has initially printed 1 000 copies of the book.

To order a copy of Water Resources of South Africa 2005 (WR2005) (WRC Report No.: K5/1491) at the nominal fee of R120.00, contact WRC Publications at.orders@wrc.org.za.

Compiled by: Hlengiwe Cele

Knowledge Dissemination Officer

Tel: +27 330 9006


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