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Dhesigen Naidoo 
Global dialogue on water needed to save Earth's water resources

In the closing address of the Fresh Water Governance Conference on 7 November Dhesigen Naidoo, WRC CEO, highlighted the fact that the global dialogue on water is generally unanimous that we are moving into a very difficult water future, on the back of factors including unprecedented population growth combined with rapid levels of economic movement, particularly in the developing world.

"Centuries of environmentally insensitive and water-wasteful mining and industrial practices have come back to haunt us. This, combined with the newer challenges of global climate change, has defined the 'water challenge of the 21st century", said Naidoo.

The three-day conference, held at the Champagne Sports Resort in the Drakensberg, has made an important start to the global dialogue on water and the challenges facing the Earth's water resources. Over 400 delegates, from 29 countries and 5 continents, converged to apply their minds, experiences and insights, to issues ranging across five main themes:: legislation, regulatory environments, human and environmental rights; markers and measures of good governance in the water domain; multi-level, multi-sectoral and transboundary governance and adaptive management; tools for implementation; and the need for new knowledge and capacity through investments in research and development.

The work begun at the 2012 conference will continue, and progress to another level, through a series of discipline and area-specific domains, including next year’s International Conference on Water and Gender, and the International Conference on Fresh Water Governance 2, taking place in Adelaide, Australia, in 2014.

Read more about the Conference on the Daily Bulletin for Monday, 5 November and Tuesday, 6 November 2012 .

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Contact : hlengiwec@wrc.org.za


Dhesigen Naidoo, WRC CEO
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