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The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) is the management division within the WRC which is responsible for technology transfer.

The purpose of this website is to provide a guide to all Contractors – Research Managers and the public - to the Water Research commission's approach to the translation of their research into useful products and services. The intent is for this site to provide a perspective on the WRC’s overall philosophy towards inventions, commercialization and relationships with communities.

As with any good website, this is a constant work in progress.

About Us

The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) is the management division within the WRC which is responsible for the cultivation, management and commercialization of assets of the WRC that represents the fruits of valuable research efforts.

Our mission is to protect the intellectual property of the WRC and to transfer the WRC’s research results to industry for commercial application, economic development and public benefit.

Primary objectives of the TTO are:

Implementation of the WRC’S intellectual property policy and exploitation of the WRC’s technologies for the benefit of the public Fostering relationship with industrial partners that create opportunities for commercialization


  • Cultivate and evaluate new invention disclosures
  • Manage existing disclosures, patents and licenses
  • Handle all matters relating to the protection of intellectual property
  • Market the WRC’s technologies Receive and process royalties

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